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Small batch, artfully made handmade shoes with a dedication to craft, sustainability, and doing good. 

OSBORN was founded in 2009 as a community development project with a focus on the handmade, the sustainable, vertical production, and eco-friendly materials, all making sure that the beautiful hand of the artisan is felt within the products. 

Thoughout the years, the brand has continued to evolve, producing small collections throughout the year, focusing on classic shapes, minimally processed leathers, and custom handmade textiles. 

Ethos:  Based in Brooklyn, the award-winning brand (GenArt 2011, DENYC 2013) works collaboratively with artisan weaving cooperatives to create original textiles for use in the shoes and sources minimally processed leathers made close to the workshop in Guatemala. The production of all products are closely monitored to ensure that each pair of shoes made is a testament to an ethos of fair trade production, sustainability and craft.